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A nasty insight into problems facing elderly

I have just come to this country from New Zealand to try to secure care for my 92-year-old father, who lives here. He is deaf and suffers from advanced macular degeneration and his much younger wife died in a tragic accident in their home. Many organisations have been very helpful, but some are ridiculously unhelpful.

Take the bank which I phoned to try to ascertain my father's financial position, since he knew nothing about it. Could my father answer some "security" questions?

These were derived from his bank statements, which he has not seen for years. He could not clearly hear the questions and could not answer them. Without correct answers, no information could be provided. Wonderfully unhelpful.

This has given me a tiny insight into the difficulties facing elderly and physically challenged people, and the obduracy and lack of vision of those who purport to help them.

Please do not let me get started on the design of mobility scooters, the designers of which should have their vision partly obscured and be tested 100 times on how to fit the recharging plug.


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