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A new culture of unbelief now engulfing society

By far the most significant result in the recent election was the one in South Antrim. A candidate who only a few days earlier voted in favour of same-sex marriage topped the poll. This indicates a remarkable shift in public opinion in a very short time.

Not so very long ago a politician who held these views would have lost his deposit; now it helped him to get elected.

Some would claim this is an indication we are becoming more tolerant. But if you place this result under forensic scrutiny you are forced to the conclusion that our society is moving away from its Christian roots and becoming increasingly secular.

A "liberal virus" has invaded the Churches, politics and our schools and a more aggressive strain has spread to a community where political correctness is the new truth.

Christianity is in retreat in Ulster and either the Churches haven't noticed, or they don't know what to do about it.

In politics, the UUP continue to trim their sails to any prevailing wind.

The DUP, infected with the same virus, is busy trying to create a new liberal image and increasingly looking uncomfortable, if not ridiculous. Like the UUP, they are all over the place on the issue of gay rights and it's only a matter of time before their MLAs are given a free vote to get them off the hook.

In every area of our lives our faith is being undermined and replaced by a new culture of unbelief that pours scorn on the Christian values that once formed the bedrock of our community.


Bleary, Co Armagh

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