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A new football anthem doesn't betray identity

Ulster Nationalist (Write Back, January 28) is right to be disappointed with Arlene Foster's comments regarding the national anthem at Northern Ireland football matches.

However, he/she is wrong to assert that unionists can only have a British identity and refuse to have Northern Irish/Ulster identity.

As an Ulster Unionist, I am very happy and secure with my British/Northern Irish identity; indeed, in a Belfast Telegraph poll (November 10, 2015), 51.14% of Ulster Unionists regarded themselves as Northern Irish.

I can understand why some unionists will think it's further loss of their Britishness if God Save The Queen is not played at Northern Ireland games. However, as a fan who has attended matches for almost 40 years, it's time for change and we should feel proud of our own distinct identity.

It's great some celebrity supporters are lending their voices for a new anthem. Is it too much to hope that our politicians and the IFA will support this initiative?


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim

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