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A rail plan that we can all agree makes sense


Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Infrastructure, such as the proposed North Channel rail tunnel, unites both sides of industry, namely business and unions.

The annual Usdaw conference, held in Blackpool last week, overwhelmingly supported a proposition calling for a major expansion of UK-wide rail infrastructure, including a North Channel rail tunnel link.

A cogent economic and social case was made for the tunnel by all representatives around the UK - not just Northern Ireland.

Also during the conference, Sainsbury's union representatives said to me how much easier supermarket distribution vis-a-vis Northern Ireland would be were lorries able to 'piggy back' off those special trains one sees on the Continent.

Officialdom should listen to the people and build the tunnel. Or, at the very minimum, improve accessibility at the Stranraer port, such as upgrading the Glasgow rail link and reinstating the Stranraer-Dumfries line to enable fast trains to London via the west coast line, as used to be the case. And take those actions in the here and now.

john barstow

Pulborough, West Sussex

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