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A taxing query for |officials from Revenue and Customs

Beat this for Civil Service ‘efficiency’:

A lodgement of several hundred pounds is made to my bank account. The bank/building society could not tell me the origin of the lodgment except to say it was a Bank of England cheque.

The following day a letter arrives at my home from HM Revenue and Customs entitled ‘Self Assessment — Tax Calculation’, thanking me for my tax return and informing me that ‘it shows that you have overpaid tax’ equating to the obscure amount lodged to my bank account the previous day.

Understandable so far, but the following paragraph is priceless — ‘Please note that any repayment is based on figures in your tax return before it has been checked. So a repayment is not our confirmation that your return is complete and correct. If, at a later date, your tax return is found to be incorrect, any over re-payment will have to be returned to us’.

There is no indication as to when I may consider myself to be a few pounds better off. How many civil servants are employed unnecessarily, considering that several will have been involved in this nonsensical communication to taxpayers who are paying their not inconsequential salary?

D I Lemma


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