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A Titanic experience for all ages at exhibition

As a birthday present from my youngest daughter and son-in-law, my wife and I were given two tickets to visit the newly opened Titanic exhibition.

On arrival at Titanic quarter, and seeing the building for the first time in the flesh, I was a bit over-awed, at not only the size of the building, but the impressive design. Inside the building, the story of life as it was then, right through to the present day, was depicted in minute detail; on a human level, on an industrial level, on a scientific and technological level, it was all there.

Irrespective of age, whether you be seven or 70-years-old, all experiences were mindboggling, educational experiences.

However, for me, the greatest experience of my visit was undoubtedly the surreal feeling I got when my mind chilled as I passed through the imaginary and unbelievable experience of being on Titanic as it slowly sank into the depths of the Atlantic ocean, taking you to a watery grave - your final resting place on this planet.

I cannot close without also giving my thanks to the back-room people and staff who just made our day - yes, we will be back, and I am sure many times over.



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