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A tongue-tied waste of money

In response to Paul Butler's letter (Write Back, March 6), I do not believe the Celtic language is Irish for the following reasons:

1. It did not originate in Ireland and should rightly be named 'European Celtic' language, just as Ulster-Scots states its place of origin.

2. The Celts came to Ireland as invaders. You can't invade unless a population is already there.

3. Historians agree that the Celts were a minority in Ireland, but with superior arms they subdued the native Irish. The native Irish did not go away, you know.

4. Recent DNA testing in Ireland proved the Irish are not Celts, but a much older race having come to Ireland through Spain.

What would you call the language the native Irish spoke? Would it not be Irish? The Celts destroyed the original Irish language. You folk glorify the people who took away your birthright. We do not need money being squandered on a language that is useless outside Ireland - and that goes for Ulster-Scots also.


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