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A truth commission will never find real answers

All summer Sinn Fein and Gerry Kelly have been more hard-line. Why?

Is this a deliberate attempt to inflame the Protestant community, or is there another motive? Is this a leadership campaign because Martin McGuinness is about to step down? Or is this part of a negotiating ploy in advance of the Haass talks?

The DUP might be embarrassed by their willingness to share power and status with Sinn Fein, but this is nothing compared to Sinn Fein's embarrassment.

For decades, IRA men have lost their lives, and damaged their sanity in bloody struggle where even the lives of Irish children were sacrificed. They rejected a power-sharing deal in 1974, and we waded through another 20 blood soaked years before Sinn Fein accepted a very similar deal.

Sinn Fein desperately needs a truth commission from the Haass Talks to act as a distraction from their failed strategy. They are now participating in a British administration in Stormont after 20 years of murdering anyone who worked for the British.

They will feed us the blatant lie that justice or resolution is possible through a truth commission.

Only a small politically important selection of the killings will ever be investigated properly, and the battle to control which killings will receive attention will be ugly. Painful events will used by politicians on both sides, with relatives re-traumatised for no other reason than to help provide cover for the careers of ambitious politicians.

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