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A united Ireland makes business sense for all of us

Irish unity is inevitable - it's only a matter of time.

For a tiny island to be divided makes no economic sense in a world where every job is like gold dust. The advantages of a united Ireland in terms of tourism, agriculture, fishing and attracting mobile inward investment is a win-win on all fronts.

The north and south have far more in common than either of them have with mainland Britain. The Scottish referendum for independence was lost by a whisker by virtue of economics and the eventual unification of Ireland will have that as its core.

I see Irish unity as more of a pragmatic business merger without ever losing respect for the sad history of both parts of the island.

There is a huge pool of talent in the island as a whole in all walks of life, which if merged would make Ireland an economic powerhouse. Both parts of the island are almost identical in social issues, family law, employment law and commercial law.

Both are part of the European Union and subject to the European treaties. I believe the EU and Britain would help with the early monetary cost - if any - of unification. The unification of Germany was far more complex with greater diversification and yet it happened.

Ireland will eventually be united. And the day it happens, it will be without a whimper and the sun will still rise the next day.


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