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A vote for Sinn Fein is complete waste of ballot

I CAN'T understand why anybody with a memory of the years of violence, destruction and murder could vote for Sinn Fein.

We didn't have a 'war', and Sinn Fein were brought kicking and screaming into a peace process created by others. Now, years after the Good Friday Agreement, our so-called power-sharing Government, controlled by Sinn Fein and the DUP, has been a disaster and is ineffective due to (a) parties at the extreme, (b) the absence of an opposition, and (c) public apathy.

Being truthful and having principles aren't characteristics of Sinn Fein. In the Republic they are an anti-everything, offering-nothing party.

On the European scene they have always been opposed to the project and belong to a Marxist group of representatives, which is not in the interests of this country.

Any support for them for Europe would be a complete waste of a vote.


Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh

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