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A5 road funding: questions need answered

It emerged during the recent inter-party talks that the Dublin government may revive its support for the A5 dualling.

Sinn Fein were cock-a-hoop about it.

Given Sinn Fein's determination to face down the welfare cuts, where do they propose to find the money for the northern section of the road estimated at a basic £650m before unpriced contingencies?

On past experience the cost is likely to amount to £1bn.

Where is this money? Is it ring-fenced for the road as part of the St Andrews Agreement? If so, why can it not be unfenced for welfare and National Health in particular, if Sinn Fein are genuinely concerned?

Why are the Ulster Unionists (who hold the ministerial control) supporting this expensive, redundant road proposal if money is scarce?

Their election manifesto assurance that they would oppose it if they got the ministerial responsibility has evaporated. Why?

In times like these the public is entitled to know where this ephemeral fund of money is and how much there is in it.



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