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A&E closure news timed to avoid criticism

Was it just by chance that the proposed closure of the Belfast City Hospital A&E department was announced during the July holiday when a large number of people were away? I do not think so.

This was a carefully timed announcement to reduce the amount of criticism that was expected from the public and to facilitate this ill-conceived and inappropriate change.

Waiting times at the City A&E of three or more hours are not abnormal regardless of the age of the patient.

Now those 42,000 people and their carers are going to have to go to the Royal by whatever means they can.

If you live in the south of Belfast you will not get there by public transport and if you go by car you will have to endure long delays before you cannot even get your car parked.

Access to the Royal is, and has been, disgraceful for some time now so what is it going to be like with another 42,000 patients per annum on top of the present and long-standing problems?

D Prest



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