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Aboriginal tales of flood drift from Noah's story

Before the editor deems correspondence on the subject to be closed, could I please reply to Dr Morton's comments (Write Back, May 27) about Aboriginal stories scarcely resembling the account of Noah's Flood, and my 'notion' that these - and similar stories - are corrupted memories of that Flood?

The Wunambal Aborigines of Western Australian have a very old Flood tradition dating long before any missionary contact.

In it, the unprejudiced will recognise the animal sacrifice and symbolic rainbow as echoes of Noah's story.

Also, from China to Peru, there are more than 500 legends of a worldwide deluge, not more local floods caused by torrential rain and subterranean waters unleashed by earthquakes, just as the Bible records.

As well as a boat, raft, or canoe, many speak of a box or chest used to shelter both animals and humans, which immediately calls the Ark (a much superior vessel) to mind.

These similarities do not support independent origin. By contrast, a report which came out in 2009 - which I referred to in my original letter (Write Back, May 25) - states that any Black Sea Flood would not have been a very big event.

No boats required. I leave the matter there.




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