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Abortion can never be good for a woman

I once heard it said: "There is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant." And, in my view, there is no such thing as "having a little bit of abortion" in a country.

The minister who introduced abortion in England was surprised at the increase in numbers after his carefully crafted legislation was introduced.

I'd say the right to life trumps all others - even though the circumstances of the mother may be very difficult. She deserves support to enable her to come through her trauma.

"False compassion" is how Pope Francis described what can result from the faulty thinking that says abortion is good for women and euthanasia is about dignity.

I was very touched by a couple who appeared on a chat show last year. They were devastated after their baby was diagnosed with a life-limiting condition. Then the mother had a brainwave: she decided to consult the baby. I can't recall exactly what she said, but my sense is that she got the message in her heart that the baby wanted to live and this changed the couple's focus.

Even though it was very difficult, she was more at peace and the short time the three of them had together was very precious. They both looked happy.


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