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Abortion laws in Ireland are unacceptable

Women who want to avail of their right to choose an abortion, for whatever reason, should be allowed to do so in Ireland.

It really is none of my business and it's unacceptable to me that Irish women have to travel to another country for an abortion.

As for those in the pro-life brigade, did their clocks stop at 1982?

There is no reason why a woman who is not you or your partner having an abortion should impact on your life in any way.

Bearing in mind that the sort of people who are so heavily invested in the pro-life movement are the same sort who manage to look the other way while the Catholic Church, whose moral rulings they claim to be defending, condemned thousands of women to Magdalene Laundries and facilitated the emotional and sexual abuse of generations of children, it shouldn't be too much of an extra effort for them to keep looking the other way.




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