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Activists will make marriage meaningless

FAR from being condemned, our MLAs should be thanked for not being steamrollered into accepting same-sex 'marriage' (News, April 30).

Some factual errors also need to be corrected:

The Bill has not yet become law, as it has to be voted on again in the Commons, then goes to the Lords (which may have a very different attitude).

The term 'equal marriage' is wrong, no matter how often it is used, as marriage, in all its different phases throughout history, has always been between a man and a woman. That is how children and families are formed. Two people of the same sex can never do this as it is biologically impossible.

Civil partnerships give LGBT couples all the rights and privileges of marriage, so there is no inequality there. Tony Blair stressed this when it became law.

Gary Spedding (Write Back, April 30) accuses MLAs of foisting their religious views on a secular society. Is he not guilty of doing the same in reverse? Especially as LGBTs only comprise 1.6% of the population (NOS figure). Why should a tiny minority have the right to change a fundamental institution affecting the other 98.4% of the population?

What the LGBT activists don't want the general population to know is that their push for 'equality' is not the end, but only another step to genderless multiple relationships in which marriage is meaningless.


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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