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Ad ban helped, rather than hurt, prayer crusade

I regard DCM's refusal to show the advertisement in cinemas as overly cautious, but it's a good example of how political/religious correctness is out of control nowadays.

Most of us are far too easily offended when someone expresses a differing view. Some will even go to extraordinary lengths to be offended. How crazy they are?

I can't stand a well-known brand's beefburgers, but I can hardly demand that they stop advertising - I just simply ignore it.

So, I disagree with Alf McCreary's opinion (DebateNI, November 24) that Christianity is being marginalised - if it is, it's thanks to Christians who have forgotten they were told to turn the other cheek.

He is also wrong to suggest that the advertisement ban is an attack on prayer itself - that is simply daft. Anyone can pray anytime they like, no one can stop them.

Even the Archbishop of Canterbury might have to admit that the publicity given to the campaign because of the ban far exceeds what would have been achieved if the ads had been shown. Some people are never satisfied.


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