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Adams copies Craig

We all now know of the triple-lock veto that Sinn Fein gave the DUP at St Andrews.

But why are the slow learners in a huffy tantrum, boycotting the Stormont Executive because the DUP brought their greatly treasured gift into play?

Let us remember that, for 75 years from the first Stormont parliament, Sinn Fein boycotted the place.

Is this why they never learned from its history?

From its beginning that first unionist government, led by Lord Craigavon (James Craig), moved to abolish proportional representation in elections. A move against the terms of the Anglo-Irish Treaty and directed against nationalists.

Craig got away with it and went on to gerrymander electoral boundaries. Now, following Craig’s example, Gerry Adams breaks another treaty (the Good Friday Agreement) to rig elections at Stormont. In collaboration with the DUP he proposes setting aside the d’Hondt system for fair allocation of ministerial jobs, to deny the SDLP the policing and justice post.

The Adams’ proposal is for a cross-community vote for this appointment.

But with a unionist majority that means he gifted the DUP another permanent veto — this time with the label: ‘No nationalist need apply’. Gerrypandering or gerrymandering? Both have the same end result — injustice.

Brian Rooney


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