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Adams: don't use my family to attack me

IN a profile of Eilis McDermott (Saturday Review, November 23), Alex Kane quotes approvingly the words of another journalist who makes various claims regarding my appearance as a prosecution witness at the initial trial of Liam Adams in Belfast.

These quotes include claims that I was "decisively pinned down" and an implication that I engaged in "waffle about the peace process" and "phoney sentiment" and, further, that the trial witnessed "the unravelling of Gerry Adams".

I completely reject these inaccurate, misleading and offensive statements.

Later in the same article, Mr Kane quotes selected passages of a lengthy cross-examination in which I was restricted by the court in what I could say, as is evident from the transcript of my cross-examination, which, in itself, is not the full context of the case.

Mr Kane completely ignores the rest of the detailed evidence I gave in court.

His presentation is both disingenuous and misleading.

For the record and for the benefit of your readers who were not there, I was a prosecution witness at the trial and answered a range of questions put to me by Liam Adams's defence team, acting under instructions from their client.

I answered all questions put to me in court. I co-operated fully with all of the law agencies involved in the case and any decisions I took in respect of statements I made were taken with legal advice.

I find it deeply offensive that a number of journalists, commentators and political opponents – Alex Kane, former director of communications for the UUP among them – have sought, in a most cynical manner, to use what has been family tragedy to attack me.

They have misrepresented and twisted the facts to suit their own narrow agendas and have shown no concern for my wider family.

At all times, I sought to support the victim in this case. Liam Adams has now been convicted and sentenced and Aine has been vindicated. That is what is important.

Alex Kane's sleveen effort to squeeze another article out of my family's tragedy is inaccurate, offensive and pathetic.


President, Sinn Fein

Kildare Street, Dublin 2

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