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Adams misjudged mood of the voters

Talks, no talks, talks, no talks. And so it goes on - and on and on. Never mind the voters who put them there to look after their interests. What do they matter?

Blame can be apportioned to both parties for their past behaviour: the DUP, with their renewable heating farce and Arlene's improper language towards the opposition, and Sinn Fein, who (wrongly) interpreted a number of the following facts, which led to their total intransigence.

Firstly, there was the EU referendum result. Gerry Adams claimed that the 52% vote to Remain clearly indicated that, with that majority vote, a united Ireland was definitely on the cards. Correction, Mr Adams; that was 52% of the people who voted, not the whole population.

Secondly, the local elections were a great boost to Sinn Fein, almost becoming the largest party. This elation was interpreted as another step on the road to a united Ireland. Not quite; it would appear that apathy on the part of the "other side" led to an unbalanced result. This was to manifest itself in the general election shortly afterwards.

This time, voters turned out en masse, tribal voting took place and the result dashed Sinn Fein's euphoria for a united Ireland - shock, horror.

So, what do we do now, says Michelle to Gerry? We can't backtrack and look defeatist by agreeing to go back to Stormont. I know, says Gerry; let's demand something else. How about an Irish Language Act? We have to get something to justify our return to Stormont.

So, Gerry, you have been going the same way as Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon in completely misjudging the mood of the voters.

I would suggest that the majority of people here - both Catholic and Protestant - are happy with their standard of living, as opposed to an unknown quantity of being in the Republic.

So, Mr Adams, you have pre-empted my opinion that you should give up the ghost and take the needs of your electorate into consideration and let Michelle, totally inexperienced as she is, get back to work and stop pulling her strings.

We all have to live together and get on with our lives and we object to people being paid for doing nothing.

Your announcement that you are standing down will not come soon enough to allow us to get some stability in our day-to-day lives.

One wonders if it is the result of your failure to achieve your ambitions of a united Ireland. Or do you have something else up your sleeve.


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