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Adams' take on 1916 Rising is a lurid fantasy

ONE would have thought that such a controversial figure (to use euphemistic language) as Gerry Adams might have had the common sense not to draw attention to himself by bemoaning like a contorted banshee outside the GPO, insisting to a receptive crowd that 1916 had been "dumbed down" by the State and Government.

Would it be that the event were so regarded by the political establishment, but alas the opposite is the case.

How dare this demented demagogue with a past that chills the blood and darkens the soul even suggest that a majority of Irish people should agree with his fantasy palace dream that unity is all that matters?

How dare he engage in 1916 apologetics and foundation mythology about the Irish State? How dare he attempt to raise up the spectre of Pearse and Connolly in relation to unfinished business – an incitement, one might argue, to acts of violence?

For the edification of Mr Adams' lurid and fevered brain, 1916 was a terrorist attack on a well-developed liberal democracy, undertaken by ruthless fanatics.

Among the hundreds of civilians killed and injured, 38 children lay dead at the end of the bloodfest. The so-called 1916 Rising is a totem of fascism and must be rejected and its participants condemned for the criminals they were.


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