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Adams the one under pressure to make deal


Gerry Adams has admitted that without Martin McGuinness any deal at Stormont would "not be sustainable", given the influence he exerted.

He went on to say: "Even if we were able to cobble something together tomorrow it wouldn't last, so I want it to be sustainable."

However, he neglects to notice the fact that Stormont is in mothballs for the time being, and was not sustainable when McGuinness was around.

Perhaps Mr Adams should say "more sustainable", rather than saying "sustainable" as a infinite term, because power-sharing has not sustained.

We are now in the post-Paisley/McGuinness era and it seems Sinn Fein's leader is a man in the abyss, shouldering republican talks on his own. The burden on Adams must be enormous and it appears he has lost his footing without McGuinness by his side.

Maurice Fitzgerald

Co Cork


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