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Adams trying to rewrite IRA's bloody history

It is noticeable that Gerry Adams rarely speaks in Dail Eireann these days without mentioning "the war", as if it was some kind of event which freed Ireland from British occupation and changed the political landscape.

Sadly, as Gerry spends the sunset years of his life rewriting recent history, others will recall their version of events as something quite different, even a disaster for the Irish nation.

For many it is better to let bygones be bygones until some individual attempts to rewrite history, and then it is time to speak out, if only to put the record straight and dissuade others from making similar mistakes.

Anyone who still takes Mr Adams seriously will recall that, during the dark days of violence, the IRA killed more innocent Catholics than the combined forces of the British Crown. Hardly something to be proud of.

How much better it would have been to have supported John Hume, Seamus Mallon and other worthy individuals who led the power-sharing Government of 1974, which had in its grasp a Council of Ireland, the emergence of an all-Ireland police service and other features which would have brought about the unity of the Irish people - Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter.

No one can say what might have happened had the IRA (of which Gerry was never a member) hadn't emerged. We do know that their existence was of no benefit to the Irish people, who found themselves beleaguered and undefended.

For those of us who backed John Hume and Seamus Mallon to transform Irish history, we have our regrets that their endeavours were pulled down by both loyalists and the IRA - and for what? To talk about "the war", paint the streets, or continue with the bloodshed? Hopefully not.


MLA for East Londonderry

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