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ADHD comments show ignorance about condition

May I just take this opportunity to document my disgust at the comments of Brian Daniels regarding ADHD (Writeback, August 13).

As a mother of a wonderful son who has struggled for years with this condition and who is finally getting the medication and assistance he so justly deserves - which, may I add, is due in no small part to the support gratefully received from Dr Amy Hughes and Dr Larry Martell and the rest of the team in Warren Resource, Lisburn - I am astounded at the ignorance of Mr Daniels' comments and if only he could see at first hand the documentary evidence of the results of OB tests carried out pre-medication and post-medication on my son, coupled with the effect of same on our family life.

The difference the diagnosis has made to my son and his coping with the condition (which is most certainly not "reflective of normal childhood behaviour", as stated by Mr Daniels) is immense. He is as last finally realising that he can achieve the results of which he is so capable, despite the years of being continually labelled as disruptive and "his own worst enemy", etc.

The medication is not without cost, as the side-effects do make my son feel quite nauseous, although the difference it makes on his ability to concentrate, according to him, is akin "to turning on a switch" and he must "bear with it" to assist him to get where he wants to be.


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