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Afghan fiasco a complete failure

ANOTHER Afghan fiasco is ending (DebateNI, October 29). My heart sank in 2006 when Defence Secretary John Reid announced Britain was once again to invade Afghanistan to "help the Afghans construct their own democracy".

I knew my soldier son, who had already invaded Iraq at Tony Blair's behest - and seen two of his best friends killed - would be deployed. After eight years, he made it back alive, but he left 450 of his comrades in the desert wastes, where the former Defence Secretary had suggested "not a shot would be fired".

He left an Afghan government mired in corruption, opium production at record levels and the Taliban as strong as ever, waiting to return as soon as Western troops leave.

Nothing speaks more clearly of our failure than the memorial wall at Camp Bastion being dismantled and shipped home to stop it being desecrated by "grateful" Afghans.


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