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After Mensa's challenge to Bulgaria's politicians, who would be our smarty party at the Assembly?


It makes for a fascinating headline: 'Mensa challenges Bulgaria's MP candidates to take IQ tests - and only four out of more than 4,000 agree' (The Sofia Globe, March 11, 2017).

To be honest, I am surprised that so many agreed to the challenge. The Sofia Globe reports that: 'None of those who accepted this time around, about two weeks ahead of Bulgaria's March 26, 2017 early parliamentary elections, were major political figures.'

It got me thinking whether Mensa should issue the same challenge to other legislatures and organisations around the world. Locally, I wondered whether the NI Assembly would accept the challenge. And who would have the brightest MLAs: the DUP or Sinn Fein? The UUP or SDLP? Alliance or People Before Profit? And what of the TUV? How about a face-off between Stormont and Leinster House - who would win?

Nationally, who would come out on top: Westminster, Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament or Northern Ireland Assembly? Conservatives or Labour? Army, Navy or Air Force? The Met, Yorkshire, Birmingham or Manchester police?

Internationally, which legislature is brightest: the Russian parliament? Ukraine? China? Japan? South Korea, perhaps? What about Brazil, Chile, or Argentina? The USA or Canada? Germany or France? In the USA, Senate or Congress? New York Times or Washington Post? Time magazine or The New Yorker? NYPD or LAPD? Again, Army, Navy or Air Force?

Cracking stuff, eh? Perhaps we should throw the gauntlet down to see who's up for the challenge.

Bernard J Mulholland


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