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After OTR lies we need a new deal

THE revelation by Lord Trimble that he was not informed by Tony Blair (when he was drawing up the Good Friday Agreement) regarding the deal on OTRs is an utter insult to him and, more so, to the electorate of Northern Ireland.

If goods bought in a store in good faith as perfect were later found to have been deliberately sold knowing them to be faulty, that store would be prosecuted.

However, knowing that Blair will not be held to account, the First Minister should demand on behalf of the electorate that a new agreement be drawn up and a clause inserted regarding OTRs and any other underhand deals.

It would mean terminating the present Assembly (rest assured, the public will shed no tears over that). I wonder if Senator George Mitchell was aware of this secret deal made between Sinn Fein and Blair? I would hope not.


Carryduff, Co Down

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