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After Pride parade 'hysteria' questions must be asked on influence LGBTQ community holds over the media


I watched the recent Belfast Pride parade and was struck by the range of those participating. There were the usual expected gay groups and organisations, unions and bandwagon politicians.

But it was the supermarkets, banks, teachers, National Health Service, National Trust, lawyers and even the Lifeboat service that surprised me.

And let's not forget the PSNI and Garda, although without their rainbow Land Rovers. To what other minority pressure groups do these organisations feel the need to give such support? It's as if the whole of society has been gripped by some mass hysteria. We are all aware of the power of the Press and television in shaping popular views, hence why governments are so keen to have control of them. Am I wrong to suspect that the relentless deluge of propaganda from all directions on LGBTQ and related groups is having an effect on society?

At times, I am confused with the ever-lengthening LGBTQ acronym. On the one hand, there is constant debate and discussion on the group's supposed rights; on the other, the more subtle messages. A gay relationship, whether relevant to the story or not, seems to be a requirement in every television drama. Even the adverts are aimed directly at this minority group.

Children are taught the message at school. Anyone who dares to question their demands is immediately labelled a homophobe and shouted into silence.

Television and the media in general are supposed to reflect and report society, but seem now determined to shape society. That must bring into question the influence that LGBTQ supporters have in those industries.

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