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Age groups skew car insurance statistics

Regarding your recent article headlined, "Now NI drivers pay 17% more to insure their car than they did a year ago", I am sure many readers, like myself, were surprised the average premium is £943.

I suspect this number is skewed by elementary-level statistics. The 17 to 20-year-old male, who pays on average £2,430, drives up the average price for everyone.

As insurance premiums come down rapidly with age (I paid £1,600 for my first year on a 1.2 litre Clio and £450 this year for a similar car), a better measure would be to quote the average premium for those over 25. This would be a truer reflection of what premiums most people pay, rather than the average that in reality much less people will likely pay. Besides, who wants to be average?

kyle flanagan

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