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Agencies legally bound to tackle scourge of litter

I write in relation to your editorial, 'We're all to blame for litter scourge' (DebateNI, March 24). Contrary to the statements by Transport NI and the Rivers Agency, in our view they do have a responsibility to tackle litter and its associated problems.

The Litter Order (1994) places a requirement on a body to remove litter on land for which it is responsible. Article 7 (1) & (2) specifically requires district councils and the Department for Regional Development to keep clean the land or roads for which they are responsible.

Transport NI is the agency within DRD responsible for the cleaning of the motorway network and 367 public car parks. The code of practice on litter, which the Litter Order says the DRD "shall have regard for", states this duty isn't transferable.

It specifically states that DRD/Transport NI remains responsible - even if they contract cleansing to another body.

While the Rivers Agency is not named in this legislation, as a body that has blamed litter and fly-tipping for its failure to prevent flooding, it can do more to prevent it from building up.

As an organisation, we promote the idea that everyone should do their bit and that all organisations need to play their part in delivering this moral obligation to tackle litter.

The stakes are high. We plan to do our bit. We need other bodies to do the same.


CEO, Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful

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