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Ahern doesn't deserve this media frenzy

I would have expected a more definite conclusion from the Mahon Tribunal regarding the investigation into Bertie Ahern (Comment, March 26).

After €300m (£250m) and 15 years of forensic investigation into every cent he ever had, the learned legal eagles, led by two different judges, come up with: "We don't believe him."

One would expect their conclusions would have been evidence-based. Surely in order to accuse somebody of telling lies, one needs to have established without doubt what is evidently the actual truth of the matter?

They didn't do this. They rejected the evidence of not only Mr Ahern, but several others, all backing Mr Ahern's account by providing credible evidence, and yet all were rejected without reason - the legal equivalent of 'liar, liar pants on fire'. Not good enough.

Bertie Ahern had nothing proven against him and should not be vilified in the media as if he had. Where is the justice in all of this?


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