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Air tragedy need not have occurred

The aviation security expert cited by Simon Calder (Online, March 27) is incorrect to say that post-9/11 aircraft security measures enabled the Germanwings disaster. The crash appears to have been enabled by poor management.

Properly-run airlines, such as Ryanair, have procedures in place whereby, before the cockpit door is opened, the seatbelt sign is lit and passengers have to sit down with seatbelts on. Then a member of cabin crew has to go into the cockpit before a pilot can leave, remaining until the pilot returns.

With Ryanair, there's never an occasion when there is only one person on the flight deck, so a similar tragedy to that in the French Alps could not have happened on a Ryanair flight. I am not a Ryanair employee, or affiliate - just a frequent flyer around Europe.


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