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Aircraft noise: 'our figures are not fabricated'

I am writing to respond to the claim (Comment, May 28) that Belfast City Airport Watch 'fabricated' the list of 21 schools which would be affected by the airport's noise proposals.

In fact, the schools are all listed in the airport's proposals, which have been published online by the Department of the Environment's Planning Service.

The airport's proposals specify the average amount of noise to which it believes each of the 21 schools would be exposed under a range of scenarios.

According to these figures, all 21 schools would be affected at, or above, the maximum level recommended by the World Health Organisation - even under the lowest-impact scenario.

One comment also accused us of 'scaremongering' that children's education would be affected.

In fact, as we pointed out in our Press release, the Civil Aviation Authority has recently reviewed the relevant research: it concluded that children's education suffers at high levels of aircraft noise.


Chair, steering group

Belfast City Airport Watch

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