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Aircraft racket has big impact on residents' lives

I am writing in response to the interview with Brian Ambrose (News, January 26), in which he claims that residents near George Best Belfast City Airport are not bothered by aircraft noise.

I would like to make it clear that, living near the flight-path, we do have to put up with considerable noise, which can be very disruptive to our lives.

Daily, we have to stop in the middle of our conversations with our children, neighbours and friends because we cannot hear each other for the 10 or so seconds it takes for the plane to fly overhead.

We are often woken up in the morning by early planes.

During the summertime, when we spend a lot more time outdoors, our peace is frequently disrupted.

I often wonder how the teachers at my child's primary school cope with the noise when dealing with children outdoors, since the children would not have a chance of hearing instructions while the planes are passing.

I can imagine that there is considerable noise indoors also, as many of the classrooms are prefabricated buildings.

We can cope with the noise as it is at the moment. It is not convenient, but it is bearable.

However, I would be very concerned about that noise increasing - as it would have a big impact on our lives.

Please don't assume that people are not affected, Mr Ambrose.




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