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Airport cabbies need to act as ambassadors

I'M an expat working in London and an (English) colleague of mine recently had to fly to Belfast for business.

Her arrival was at 9am. Clearly, she would have gotten up early and had business thoughts on her mind. Blissfully unappreciative of this, her taxi-driver wouldn't shut up for the entire journey.

He kept on and on. And it wasn't pleasant (she described him as racist and homophobic).

This woman has an Asian boyfriend and a gay brother. Could he have been any worse?

She had never been to Belfast before and, when she got to the business meeting, her host had an uphill struggle to win her round to doing business in the province.

But It wasn't to be. Thanks to a mouthy taxi-driver, someone lost out on a lot of money.

Taxi-drivers need to realise that they are often the first point of contact with Northern Ireland. They need to behave like courteous, fair-minded ambassadors.



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