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Airport still making our lives a misery

In your article on George Best Belfast City Airport (News, January 26), Brian Ambrose is being more than a little misleading when he says he cannot remember the last time someone complained about airport-related issues.

The truth is that I, for one, have long since stopped complaining, having grown tired of being given a random reason out of a set of standard 'operational reasons' why a plane was flying too low, taking off/landing outside the agreed hours, excessive noise, or whatever.

The last time I telephoned them about some grief having been imposed on me by the airport, it was at the weekend and I was left hanging on the line for an inordinate length of time, only to eventually be told that the office dealing with complaints was closed.

I have lived in my present house, which is 2.5 miles from the end of the runway, for longer than the City Airport has been operating as a commercial airport. Ever since it changed from its original purpose of servicing the business community and started competing head-to-head with the International for the leisure traveller, our lives have been a misery.



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