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Al misses the point ...

The Nobel Committee's decision to award the 2007 Peace Prize to Al Gore and the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is disturbing because both are alarmists with exaggerated views that are based on scant evidence.

Certain claims made by Gore in his film, An Inconvenient Truth, even contradict those given by the UN Panel.

It is difficult to see Gore's contribution to peace when he blames humans for his so-called 'imminent apocalypse' and then offers as a solution anti-life legislation that includes birth control and abortion.

Gore has in the past praised the Gaia cult, the Earth and the revival of primitive pagan cults. Hence, his agenda seems religiously motivated.

Gaia supporters are anti-Christian because, in their view, Christianity freed the Earth from pagan myths and set in motion a process of unrestrained exploitation of nature.

In reality, environmental disasters are the result of a society that has moved away from God, a world of Enlightenment that sees itself as the 'master' rather than 'keeper' of the Earth.

Paul Kokoski, Canada

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