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Alex wrong to criticise Unesco over Runkerry

It is sickening to those of us who live on the Causeway Coast to hear Alex Attwood criticise his well-informed betters.

I attended the Press conference in February 2012, when Mr Attwood announced his decision over the Giant's Causeway.

He was very heavily criticised then and there and the minister demonstrated his contempt for Unesco, saying he would tell them afterwards.

In January 2013, I attended the three days of the judicial review in the High Court in Belfast.

Attwood would have you believe he won a great victory, but it was nothing of the kind.

The court could not interfere, because there is no law that could allow them to interfere.

Hence, the judge made no order on costs.

You cannot load into the site a 120-bed hotel, 75 chalets, a clubhouse and an 18-hole golf course without doing great damage to biodiversity.

Unesco said the Runkerry proposals are in the wrong place. We agree.

Unquestionably, the Runkerry damage would be unsustainable. It must not happen.


Chairman, Causeway Coast Communities Consortium

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