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Alf's theory backed up by Question Time

As a regular reader of Alf McCreary's weekly column, I very much agree with his view that divisiveness and bickering within both politics and organised religion is leading to an increasing majority turning away from both.

The recent BBC Question Time programme, with its panel composed entirely of politicians, reflecting the same old antagonisms, greatly saddened me.

Northern Ireland has many talented people in business and the arts, well able to voice sensible, tolerant and inclusive views to the wider world, reflecting the public mood. It does this country a disservice when panels are unimaginatively selected.

It has been said that churches often provide the best examples of serious disputes - denomination, rather than religion, being the main difficulty. To see arguments over women in the ministry or infant baptism is off-putting. When viewing the brevity of this life and the horrible physical conditions which are common, I can fully understand divisiveness being rejected by many who seek merely to live in harmony, wishing to solve problems by reasoned and co-operative action.




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