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All I want is a ticket to ride, not a load of music

Initially I thought my new hearing aid was tuned in to radio one. While standing waiting for a bus in Belfast the other day I suddenly realised that, for reasons known only to Translink, they have decided that providing audible wallpaper is a "good idea".

This I realised only after complaining to the adjacent cafe about the noise pollution that I assumed they were responsible for.

It may have escaped the attention of those people at Translink responsible for this latest atrocity, that youngsters are invariably plugged in already to similar music via their overused lifestyle mobile devices. Those of us who may prefer our own thoughts for company, or – heaven forbid – the opportunity to hold a conversation with a fellow traveller, are now to be denied even this minor pleasure.

Please, Translink. It's bad enough having to listen to rubbish music at shops and offices. If I want to listen to music, I do so at home on what I still refer to as my wireless or trusted gramophone.

What exactly are you trying to prove?

Gareth James


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