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All lost lives are of equal importance

In Dallas, Texas, last week five police officers lost their lives. A civilian was also shot down. These terrible events were reported worldwide. But I wonder: are some lives more valuable than others?

Are those who lost their lives in the Syrian conflict of lesser value? It brings to mind the Iraq war: was it justified? Was it necessary? Especially when other world powers warned against it.

Was the pointless killing and murder in Iraq of so many innocents the beginning of this group called Isis? Were those who were killed in the "Blair-Bush war" any less dead than those butchered later by Isis?

Has starvation ceased? Is there clean water for every child on our planet? Are world leaders still ignoring nature's warning? Are they all still singing from the same hymn sheet about world peace?

While heads are bowed and wreaths are laid, the trumpet and the bagpipes played. A tune that will touch our hearts for a second or two.

Then on we go with the world's great show of justice, peace and humanity.


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