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Alliance endorses draft Northern Ireland Bill

Alliance was attacked not because of the flag; it was because they were gaining footholds in mainly Protestant towns ... You'll see more of a boost in support because of all of this trouble. I believe people are sick of being bullied.


What Alliance must remember is that, before the flag issue, their support was largely from middle-class unionists ... That support may have now diminished.

Tyrone Prod

Tyrone Prod: Or increased, once they remembered the ugly face of the mob that will continue to rule unless stopped. I joined because of this, as many have done.


Why is 'double-jobbing' such a problem? ... The only party this benefits is Sinn Fein, who don't even represent constituents in Westminster. Interesting that the Bill did not forward salary cuts for those who don't take Westminster seats.


UlsterSaysYeooo: I believe Sinn Fein is phasing out any double-jobbing. That is why Francie Molloy is contesting Mid-Ulster. As for abstentionism, that has always been Sinn Fein's position vis-a-vis the Government at Westminster and endorsed by the voters of Sinn Fein-held constituencies.


Another provision in the Bill refuses a request from the DUP and Sinn Fein to extend the Assembly term by one year from 2015 to 2016. But that decision may be reviewed "if the Executive were able to demonstrate clearly that an extension would allow them to deliver more on key priorities, such as rebalancing the economy and addressing sectarian divisions ..." Seriously? Are Sinn Fein saying they want the term extended to 2016, so they can balance the economy and address sectarianism? ...Pull the other one.


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