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Alliance has stood up for a shared society

Your correspondent Vox Clamantis in Deserto (Write Back, March 4) should stop being a voice crying out if he/she is unaware of the facts.

He/she calls for Alliance to get off the fence and to stand down. Surely that is very old hat?

Alliance has to make all the really hard decisions. To use Vox Clamantis's metaphor, the others merely sit in their caves being sectarian.

Which is easier? Continuing sectarianism, or trying to share the future with all the community? How often do sitters-on-the-fence get physically attacked, threatened and insulted by both sides of the sectarian divide? I suggest never.

How often have Alliance members been similarly abused? From practical experience, I say frequently.

Vox Clamantis should look at history – ancient and modern. Worldwide, successful cities and provinces are shared; sharing opportunities, cultures, human rights and responsibilities. Failed societies decline on insularity and fear mixed with intolerance.

Who most exercises these latter characteristics, condemning the police? Both DUP and Sinn Fein, if it affects 'their' communities, who sat on the fence during the recent rioting. I didn't hear anything much from the DUP or Sinn Fein.

You did hear from Alliance, though, who stood up for the Good Friday Agreement, which the majority in this democracy voted for. Alliance took the brunt of vicious attacks and lies.

Vox Clamantis: come out of the wilderness and support Alliance.


Belfast City Council

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