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Alliance is in state of confusion on gay marriage

The latest debate on gay marriage has shown, once again, that the Alliance Party is in disarray over the issue.

Three out of the party's eight MLAs abstained during the vote at Stormont last week, while five voted for same-sex marriage.

There is serious confusion about Alliance's policy and fierce disagreements among their representatives, which the leadership seems keen to sweep under the carpet ahead of the election.

Some elements in Alliance claim that support for gay marriage is party policy, based on a vote by its party council.

Other elements point to the fact that the issue has not been included in any party manifesto.

The only thing that is clear about Alliance's policy on gay marriage is that they are trying to have things both ways and they aren't prepared to be honest with voters.

Conservatives in Northern Ireland can make up their own mind about this emotive issue and, at a future debate at Stormont, or elsewhere, our representatives would have a free vote on gay marriage. Alliance don't seem to have enough faith in their members to do likewise.

The public deserve a clear statement on the party's policy on same-sex marriage and a clear statement about representatives who don't follow the party line.


NI chairman, Conservative Party

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