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Alliance Party must sort out policy stance

In recent years, the term "joined-up government" has entered the political vocabulary, but sometimes it would be appropriate for political parties to have a sense of "joined-up policy" in their approach to some issues.

An Alliance councillor in north Down is widely reported as fighting to stop NI Water from selling a number of redundant reservoirs in the Holywood Hills and at Portavoe, near Donaghadee.

He does not advocate the local council purchasing them, but also does not want NI Water to sell them to the public sector, rather retaining ownership to continue to provide recreational facilities to the public and to act as back-up water supplies.

These are laudable aspirations, but the cash-strapped and under-invested NI Water has declared them surplus to requirements.

Then we have north Down Alliance councillor and MLA Stephen Farry telling us we should introduce a tap tax because the Water Service is "competing alongside health and education and other leading public services" for money.

Does the Alliance Party feel that it is appropriate to lobby NI Water to hold on to redundant reservoirs while taking money away from health and education?

It appears that the Alliance Party wants to have its cake and eat it.


North Down


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