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Alliance party's in a flap over City Hall flag

I am responding to Belfast Alliance councillor Marie Hendron's letter about the flying of the Union flag on Belfast City Hall (Writeback, July 21).

From her letter I am uncertain as to the Alliance Party's position on this very sensitive matter.

Is it to support the national flag flying, or rather, along with Sinn Fein, to have it removed?

Is it the Alliance Party's policy to restrict the flying of the flag?

Why did Councillor Hendron find it necessary to write: "Alliance has always taken our own approach and we do not take our lead from any other party"?

This is quite a simple matter that requires only a plainly worded answer. Councillor Hendron's clarifying letter did not need to be dressed up with pointless verbiage.

What was offered by way of clarification were words without purpose or benefit, designed only to cloud the issue and cause confusion. A straightforward and guileless reply will suffice.

Annoyed Citizen



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