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Alliance prove they can keep their promises

The 2010 DUP Westminster manifesto states: 'Following the Westminster election, successful DUP candidates will step down within weeks from the Northern Ireland Assembly.'

In the Belfast Telegraph (News, March 1), a DUP spokesperson is quoted as justifying the failure to complete this job as being down to the failure of both Sinn Fein and the SDLP to do the same.

While it is true that both parties continue to have multiple members who have full-time elected posts at Stormont and Westminster, the spokesperson managed to avoid the fact that one party has kept its promises with regards this issue: Alliance.

Naomi Long promised to stand down from the Assembly if elected to Westminster. Within weeks, Naomi kept that promise and stood down from the Assembly and also stood down from Belfast City Council.

At a time when people are cynical about politicians, it is good to see Naomi Long and Alliance keep their promises, in contrast to the DUP who trot out excuses for their failures to deliver.

In the DUP spokesperson's comments, they say that they continue with dual mandates to avoid 'electoral disadvantage'.

I have a feeling that their weak decision to be led by Sinn Fein and the SDLP is much more likely to have a negative impact.


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