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Alliance voted against reform to pension rises

Nigel Dodds (Write Back, March 3) highlighted the very genuine concerns about the proposed changes to the future calculation of pension increases. These would see the uprating index change from Retail Price Index to the Consumer Price Index.

However, he also tried in his letter to in some way link the Alliance Party to support for this change. I would, therefore, like to point out the facts of the situation.

The actual measure was approved in a vote on February 17 this year and in that debate Naomi Long not only voted against it but was the only Northern Ireland MP who actually spoke in the debate to highlight her concerns about the proposed changes.

Given the apparent importance of the issue to Nigel Dodds and the DUP, it might come as a surprise to learn that only one DUP member actually voted on the matter, and that it was not Mr Dodds.

If public and not party interest is really Mr Dodds' main concern, perhaps he should make more effort to ensure that the factual position is accurately reflected in future correspondence.

It is a pity that on an issue where there has been a large deal of cross-party consensus, he chooses to spend his energy on attempting to create division.


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