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Alliance's 'shared future' favours nationalists


So, as a matter of record, when the Alliance Party holds the balance of power on any issue, they will side with nationalists and, normally, in an affront to public opinion and, some might say, common decency. This can be evidenced by two recent actions, one actual, one well-heralded.

In the controversy surrounding Jim Wells's comments to a convicted terrorist, the vote to sanction him was tied, so the Alliance Party, in the person of Kieran McCarthy, casts his vote with nationalism.

It should be noted that Mr Wells said nothing defamatory, or incorrect; he simply pointed out, albeit robustly, what most decent people think - namely that convicted terrorists shouldn't be able to gain highly paid public positions at the whim of their mates.

Secondly, and on an issue yet to come, the Alliance Party is seeking to align itself with nationalism again in removing the national flag of the United Kingdom from Belfast's City Hall, contrary to the wishes of respondents to Belfast City Council's own consultation.

Hardly a party exemplifying the brave new 'shared future' they keep banging on about.

As for the DUP using a petition of concern to protect Mr Wells, personally I wouldn't bother.

Personally, I'd let Mr Wells take his chance in the Assembly and I'd force the Alliance Party to vote to expel him, instantly creating a unionist martyr, plus setting the DUP up to regain East Belfast at the next Westminster election.

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