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Allister needs to look to future not the past

The recent letter from Jim Allister ('Having republicans in Stormont won't work') represents an unrealistic attempt to turn the political clock backwards.

Presumably, he envisions some alternative form of government that would dilute the political influence of a significant segment of the population.

Unfortunately for Mr Allister, the local tide of demographic evolution renders his position moot. Whether he likes it or not, the unionist share of the vote has been steadily declining over the past 50 years, while the nationalist/republican share has been steadily growing.

No amount of political tinkering can prevent the inevitable. Within a few short years, unionists will become a permanent minority.

For this reason, Mr Allister and his ilk would be wise to focus on planning for the future, rather than yearning for the past.

The more comfortable a nationalist majority feels within the province, the longer his beloved Union is likely to last.

The opposite, however, is equally true.


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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